The home of a poor Indian hockey athlete was attacked until the caste was blasphemed after failing to make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics final: Okezone Sports

TREATMENT It’s not fun to be accepted by athletes ice Hockey Indian Princess Vandana Katariya. His house was attacked immediately and his caste was blasphemed after Vandana Katariya failed to help the Indian national hockey team make it to the finals Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Vandana Katariya’s home is located in Roshnabad Village, Haridwar, India. His home was attacked shortly after it was confirmed that India had failed to reach the Tokyo 2020 Olympics final.

In the semifinals, India lost to Argentina with a result of 1-2. In the race for the bronze medal, India also had to swallow the bitter pill, because it lost to England with a score of 3-4.

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After the semi-final match on Wednesday August 4, 2021, Vandana Katariya’s home was attacked immediately. Two upper-caste men stood around Vandana Katariya’s house.

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They are polluting Katariya’s house. In addition, these two men also uttered words that offended the Vandana Katariya family caste. They made fun of the fact that the Indian hockey team had to lose because there were too many Dalit players.

One of the suspects has now been arrested by the police. Vandana Katariya’s family strongly disapproved of this treatment. After all, Vandana Katariya fought as hard as possible at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“We were disappointed after the defeat. However, the team is struggling. We are proud of that, “said Vandana’s brother Shekhar, as quoted by the Times of India on Monday (September 8th, 2021).

Vandana Katariya

“All of a sudden we heard a loud noise right after the game. Crackers explode in front of our house. As we went outside, we saw two men from our village we knew and they were of the upper caste. They danced in front of our house, ”he continued.

“They scolded the caste, insulted our family and said the Indian team lost because there were too many Dalits on the team. They then said that not only hockey but other sports should keep Dalit away, ”Shekhar explained.