The government is ready to pay out the initial allocation of IDR 6 billion perpetual fund per PTN with legal entity

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim State Universities with legal entities or PTN BH to establish and manage Furnishing in every facility.

Nadiem revealed that the average funding for each university in Indonesia lags far behind other countries, which is only US$2,000 per year. In fact, Indonesia’s position lags behind India and Malaysia, which reached $3,000 and $7,000 per year respectively in 2020.

“We still have a long way to go to increase this funding. We need to be a lot more competent, a lot better prepared to try so we can get funding from the private sector, alumni and others,” he explained in Merdeka Learn Episode 21, Monday (6/27/2022).

He imitated some World Class Universitysuch as Harvard Business School, MIT, and Nanyang Technological University, have established alumni giving programs and private partnerships to develop their education funding.

According to Nadiem, PTN BH should not always be dependent on government funds and individual Kuliat funds (UKT).

entry point got to payable, We can’t keep increasing UKT every year,” Nadiem said.

Out of the total Rs.7 trillion education fund managed by LPDP, the government decided to allocate the interest for Furnishing higher education.

Data from the Ministry of Education and Culture shows that the LPDP total interest will reach IDR 455 billion in 2022 and IDR 350 billion in 2023, to reach IDR 500 billion in 2024.

Nadiem stressed that each PTN BH will receive an initial investment of Rp. 6 billion.

For the record, Nadiem announced that the base allocation fund will be awarded once for each PTN BH and it will depend on the number of students admitted.

“Incentives are given to increase the level of basic funds” [donasi alumni dan swasta] and the investment management of the endowment fund,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nadiem emphasized that the reason for providing basic allocation funds to PTN BH is very simple, since only PTNBH has the ability and manages financial assets independently.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani announced that his party appreciated the Ministry of Education and Culture’s idea to innovate in higher education funding.

For PTNs who still have BLU status and whose operating funds depend on the state budget, Sri Mulyani requests that they continue to learn how to manage their funding.

“That’s why I’m studying, I don’t care about BH or BLU, the main thing is that you can do it reliably resourceshim,” said Sri Mulyani.

Aside from that, Sri Mulyani advised that there should be no corruption in universities and that there should be no parties making universities appear to be individual or group “kingdoms”.

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