The Goa government will purchase 500 electric buses for its transport fleet.

In a bid to use green technology to help tourists get around Goa, the state government has made a proposal to the central government to purchase 500 electric buses to improve the bus transport network in the coastal state of Goa. This measure is part of the travel facilitation for tourists and residents of the state.

Goa Prime Minister Pramod Sawant recently said public transport will be introduced at weekends to encourage monsoon tourism, inland tourism and exploring the state’s wildlife sanctuaries.

Ulhas Tuenkar, Chairman of the Goa Government’s Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL) and Navelim MP, told IANS that the buses will be procured under the FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India) program.

“These buses are serviced by a private company, who also provide us with a driver. We just need to hire drivers on these buses. We pay this company 76 rupees per kilometer for the services they provide to us. said Tuenkar.

Currently KTCL has a fleet of 50 electric (air-conditioned) buses and another 100 will be added after delivery as part of the second order. “Our third proposal concerns 500 electric buses. Once these buses are delivered to us, we can expand our transport route,” Tuenkar said.

“The medical community has asked that a bus service be set up for them to take them to and from their place of work. Schools have also used our services. In addition, many MPs have called for the KTCL service to be implemented in remote areas of the constituency they represent. We are working on these aspects,” said MP Tuenkar.

He said KTCL currently has around 350 diesel buses, so the new purchase (of e-buses) will expand the range of services and lines. “We haven’t bought new diesel buses for eight years and we don’t need them in the future either because we have the option of buying electric buses. ” He said.

Tuenkar said that in addition to providing services to the people of the state, KTCL also tries to provide good facilities for tourists visiting the state. This is to promote tourism.

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