The failure of the ruling party’s economic plans in India is an excuse to put pressure on the Muslim minority

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Abusive remarks by Nupur Sharma, spokesman for India’s ruling BJP party, against the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in a TV program have prompted widespread condemnation around the world and protests across India.

Kaleem Kawaja, Executive Director of the Association of Muslims in the United States, in an interview with the Iranian Koranic News Agency (Iqna), called for the unification of Islamic and non-Islamic countries to counter the anti-Islamism of the Indian government and the persecution and discrimination of Put an end to Muslims in this country.

“The BJP is an anti-Muslim government that has for several years encouraged Hindu extremists to increase pressure on Muslims. During the last month of Ramadan they have created many problems for Muslims, preventing them from going to mosques, putting up music in front of mosques, throwing stones at Muslims and preventing them from praying. This happened in several cities.

Their main target group were low-income Muslims who are unable to defend themselves and who have no contact with government officials. Some government-backed Hindu activists are also calling for genocide against Muslims.

ضرورت اتحاد جهانی برای مقابله با اسلام‌ستیزی دولتی در هند

Of course there are many good Hindus in India. 80% of Hindus are good people and not against Muslims. Only a small minority of 20% are extremists and unfortunately the heads of government support them. Last December at Christmas they targeted Christians and attacked many churches.

Following the recent insults to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) by two officials, some countries have summoned the Indian ambassadors and even demanded an official apology from the BJP, which said these were statements from some fringe groups. But they are not outcasts. Sharma is the main spokeswoman for the party. She was not arrested, only expelled from the party. I doubt they will do more than what they have done so far.

This is the first time Muslim, Shia and Sunni nations have come together not only to condemn these acts but also to demand an apology from the Indian government. I think this is a very good move that has encouraged Muslims in India. The best thing Muslims can do is go to court because there is not much they can do politically because the BJP is very strong and the opposition parties are weak.

Muslim nations should know that, as the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Muslims are one nation. Muslims, whether in the Middle East, the United States, Britain, Japan, China, or India, are one nation. We live in a world where all countries are interdependent for different reasons, trade, technology and education. No country can live in isolation and India is no exception. Therefore, Muslim countries must take the lead in this matter,” he said.


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