The exceptional heatwave in India and Pakistan is becoming thirty times more likely due to climate change

Without anthropogenic climate change, the probability would be once in 3,000 years, explained Friederike Otto from the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London. And in a world where global warming hits +2°C, that probability could suddenly increase every…five years.

“In the countries for which we have data, heat waves are the deadliest extreme weather event. At the same time, such extreme events are increasing,” warns Friederike Otto.

A boy crosses the dried up Yamuna River on a hot summer’s day in New Delhi May 2.


“A little relaxation for two weeks”

The earlyness and intensity of this heat wave, well before the monsoon, is extraordinary, says the WWA. “Across much of the two countries, people have seen little recovery for weeks, with a particularly high cost for hundreds of millions of people working outside,” warned Krishna AchutaRao of the Indian Institute of Technology’s Center for Atmospheric Sciences. New Delhi.

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