The Desperados win the inaugural Rugby X final in the Indian Ocean

Incidentally, the mtsapérois beat the Reunionese from RC Tampon with a score of 28/15. You will be the first to win this brand new trophy.

The regional rugby festival delivered what it promised in Cavani this Saturday. The day began with meetings between teams of young people from Mayotte before ending in apotheosis with the long-awaited regional final.

The Desperados entered it with both feet in it, marking its territory and entering it from either side of the field. It is logical that Karim Mhadji, who plays an important role throughout the meeting, confirms Mahor’s dominance by scoring the first try of the game from the 7th minute of play.7/0 is the result at the end of the first fifteen minutes .

Stung, the RCT, manages to close the gap on Jules Bénac, 7/5, after several attempts. But it’s Magdalena Alliaud’s men who make the best impression on the pitch. After conceding a try, they manage to take the lead through Bastien Munoz Rivero after a golden breakthrough by Rakim Soumaila. Second attempt of the final for the Despé, bringing the result to 14/5. 14/5 is the half-time score.

A poorly negotiated start to the third quarter by Despé

The point advantage will be short-lived. In 5 minutes, the RCT took control of the game from the start of the 3rd quarter. The man of the hour is Olivier Bègue. Alone, the RCT player inflicts an 8/0 on the Mayotte by scoring an entry attempt and a converted penalty in walk. Thanks to his back, the Reunionese led the score for the first time in this final.

Despé has pride

But as in the second quarter, the Mtsapérois will react calmly to the conceded attempt. Rafik Abdou scored his third try after playing a penalty at full speed. The hooker is at the end of a school move to allow his people to take off with a score of 21/15.

Reunionese are required to register a transformed test to win. They will tackle it in the last fifteen minutes by beating the Mayotte defense. Barren against Charlie Leras and his partners, the RCT does not use the few gifts left by the Despé along the way to mark this rescue test.

Valentin Moustard, he doesn’t miss the only opportunity to end the suspense. With a touch in his 22 meters, Clément Dusfour is like a winger at the beginning of Despé’s fourth test, which allows definitively confirming the victory of the Mahorais in the rugby final in the Indian Ocean at X. Final win 28/15. A regional gathering calling for more in the years to come, both Rugby X and Rugby VII appear to be tailor-made for Mahoran rugby.

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