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After beating the Indian sign last week for the prize of a first win of the season against Hilal de Chelghoum-Laïd (1-0), the JSK had to continue their momentum this Friday against Rapid de Relizane, confirming the long-awaited click of the Kabyle fans , and this after a not too convincing start to the season. After all, the Canary Islands used their second home game in a row to overcome each other in the truest sense of the word and hit very hard against the unfortunate Relizanais, who are currently going through very difficult times both athletically and financially. However, the Relizan formation had won back many conspicuous players as well as their coach Liamine Bougherara at times, but unfortunately heart and pride were not enough for the boys from La Mina, who finally hoisted the flag in the stadium from November 1st. The first half was fiercely contested, however, as the guests had built a large defensive wall to mark their encampment and only progressed with a few sporadic blocks, while the premises put the game head-to-head, cornering the opponent in their final entrenchments to drift. And since the Canary Islands began to gamble away a lot of scoring chances, we were shaken in the Kabyl camp, especially after captain Bensayah missed a penalty shortly before the break (45th).

During the break, the Kabyle trainer Amar Souayah could be heard in the Kabyle locker room and it seems to have really shaken his foals, who showed a completely different face from the start. And for good reason, the inclusion of Bensaha and especially the young center forward Nezla to replace Ghanem and Haroun seems to have whipped the premises that manage to fold the game three sets in two legs as Rapid literally in l. was torpedoed in just four minutes. It so happens that the young prodigy Massinissa Nezla drew twice victoriously (56 ‘and 60’), while his captain Rida Bensayah, who wanted to get out of his missed penalty at the end of the first half, scored 57 ‘, a goal of the anthology. Due to the success in a K.-O. The Canaries confidently found a smile, especially since they had just scored three beautiful goals in a few minutes, while they have only been satisfied since the start of the season … scored four goals in 6 games. “This great win comes at the right time to restore our confidence and break free completely after a difficult period and I would like to warmly congratulate all the players who have never doubted their abilities and who faced an ultra strategy with the opponents in the first Third, we had a lot of merit never to give up to finally get a great win that will do us very well while we make sure we keep our heads on our shoulders to keep going the JSK coach Amar Souayah who also has called all of his players back for training from yesterday afternoon in preparation for their next exit in Chlef, which is scheduled for this Tuesday, where the Canary Islands aim to continue their promising momentum.