The Brazilian Minister of Health tested positive for Covid at the UN

A Brazilian health minister who shook hands with Boris Johnson without a mask tested positive for coronavirus in New York.

Marcelo Quiroga held talks with the British Prime Minister and the new Foreign Minister Liz Truss on Monday at a bilateral meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

A statement from the Brazilian government said Mr. Quiroga is currently in good health and will remain isolated in the United States. The Minister of Health received his first injection of a Covid vaccine in January.

The 55-year-old cardiologist was filmed shaking hands with Johnson and is reportedly staying at the same hotel as US President Joe Biden, 78, who is in town for the United Nations General Assembly.

Quiroga also tweeted a photo with First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and had lunch with several employees from mutual fund companies in New York City on Monday.

Johnson was hospitalized with coronavirus and transferred to intensive care last April. He was replaced by then Foreign Minister Dominic Raab when he was not feeling well. He then made a full recovery from the virus.

Johnson has been a strong advocate of vaccines since his fear of Covid, and during a meeting with Bolsonaro he said, “I’ve had it twice” regarding AstraZeneca’s sting.

The Brazilian guide pointed a finger and said, “Not yet,” then laughed.

In a statement following the meeting, Johnson’s spokesman said the Prime Minister had “underscored the importance of vaccines as our best tool in fighting the virus and saving lives around the world, and the important role the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has in.” the UK, Brazil and elsewhere ”.

Bolsonaro had a provocative figure in the General Assembly, despite widespread criticism for his response to the pandemic that killed more than 590,000 people in Brazil.

The Brazilian president ignored the participants’ compulsory vaccination against the virus and repeated again unproven “early treatment” methods for Covid-19.

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