the Angers SCO is being sold to a Franco-Indian investor?

Saïd Chabane, president of Angers SCO, said Paritosh Gupta, a local investor, is interested in buying his club.

Angers is for sale. Saïd Chabane has been looking for buyers since May to breathe new life into the SCO. And things could calm down quickly. As he confirmed in Ouest-France, Chabane is in talks with Paritosh Gupta about a sale.

Gupta is a French-Israeli businessman based in the Anjou metropolis. A plus for Chabane, who stated that “cIt would be good if it was a local actor to continue the project I started“After confirming that I’m here”Discussion phase».

The potential buyer runs three restaurants and several private hotels. He also made no secret of the fact that he was negotiating and very enthusiastic. ““When I see the energy that comes from the club, I always want to go there. I need projects that fascinate me“. With a value of tens of millions of euros, Chabane would be a nice added value, since he had bought SCO in 2011, at that time in Ligue 2, for 1.7 million euros.

Club Angevin, who are currently ninth in Ligue 1 after a great start to the season, have a tough time behind the scenes. Indeed, Saïd Chabane is still charged with serious sexual assault.