The 10 friendliest countries for vegetarians, BANDUNG – Currently, the culture of veganism seems to be growing rapidly worldwide. More and more people, especially young people, have adopted this lifestyle veganone of them for health reasons.

Additionally, many vegan communities have highlighted the benefits of plant-based products to increase awareness of veganism.

Thanks to the rapid growth of veganism, many countries have seen an increase in the number of vegan restaurants, vegan markets and vegan grocery stores in the last two to three years.

According to the Times of India site, here are the 10 most vegetarian countries in the world.

1. India

India has a relatively high vegetarian population due to religious and cultural factors. This certainly makes it easy for vegetarian tourists to visit this country.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

The city of Tel Aviv is the most vegan-friendly destination in the world. You can easily find vegan-friendly restaurants in this city. However, the current political situation does not allow people to visit this country.

3. Taiwan

There are many vegetarians in Taiwan, and the country’s government has promoted vegetarian diets for health and environmental reasons.

4. England
There is currently a significant increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans in the UK.

5. Germany

Germany is one of the fastest growing European countries and is known for its popularity in vegan culture and lifestyle. In recent years, Berlin has consistently been considered one of the most livable cities for vegans in the world.

The most vegan-friendly cities in Germany include Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart

6. Austria

As more and more people garden at home to grow vegetables and fruits, the vegetarian and vegan community in Austria is growing.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in all of Europe.

8. Australia

Many Australians have shown great interest in plant-based diets and healthy food consumption.

9. Canada

In urban areas of Canada, the number of vegetarians and vegans has increased significantly. Areas like British Columbia, Ontario, Montreal and Vancouver are among the top spots.

10. United States

More and more people in the United States are adopting a plant-based diet for health and environmental reasons. (Kresensia Kinanti)

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