The 10 best countries in medical tourism, including 3 neighboring countries of Indonesia

Many countries compete to provide medical facilities to tourists. Photo/Reuters

LONDON – Developing countries have developed care infrastructure Health While minimizing costs, in some cases they can provide care for as little as five to ten cents on the dollar.

Because health is increasingly a priority and it is crucial to have access to quality healthcare everywhere.

This means you need to find a destination that offers the standard of quality you expect and can potentially save you a lot of hassle and medical bills.

Medical tourism is on the rise, and dozens of countries around the world, from Asia and South America to Eastern Europe, are joining the trend. Agencies are being established to offer cheaper healthcare costs to potential foreign visitors from developed countries where healthcare costs are very high.

Meanwhile, the best hospitals in these medical tourism hotspots have well-trained, English-speaking doctors just like the ones you'll find at home — and sometimes even better than the ones you'll find at home, as healthcare costs and challenges continue to rise in these countries. Western countries with high taxes.

Here are the 10 best countries for medical tourism.

1. Brazil


If you are looking for a fantastic plastic surgeon, look no further than Brazil. Not only are the professionals good at what they do, but their services are also much cheaper.

begin nomad capitalist, Due to the country's image-conscious culture, Brazil is the world capital of plastic surgery medical tourism. While Mexico is the most well-known country in the Americas for foreigners seeking treatment, Brazil stands out as one of the most developed places in the region.