Tell Uncle Obs … Why did Qatar become such a powerful country?

In terms of area, Qatar, with its 11,000 km2, is somewhere below Kosovo or Vanuatu. It has only 2.6 million inhabitants and yet only 20% are citizens, the others who are considered foreigners are migrant workers, often from the Indian subcontinent. And yet the emirate appears to be a giant in terms of global media coverage!

Emmanuel Macron in the Gulf, the French “Realpolitik” in action

We talk about him all the time because of his investments in large international corporations, publishers or even PSG. We will talk more and more about it, because in November 2022 it will be the first Arab state to organize a soccer World Cup. How and why did this geographic dwarf gain such power? What risks is she taking? Uncle Obs, alias François Reynaert, explains all of this to you in his new video, produced by Mahaut Landaz and the video service “Obs”.

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