“Telemigration” threatens after teleworking

“After the workers, after the farmers, it is the turn of the office workers to face international competition. “ Richard Baldwin speaks with the confidence of those who are already right. In a book published before the pandemic (“The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics and the Future of Work”, 2019, untranslated), this professor of economics at the University of Geneva, known for his research on the effects of robotization, announces our inevitable entry into a “New phase of globalization”. After leaving its factories, Europe must prepare for a new wave of relocation, which this time will affect white-collar workers. Change promises to be quick. According to the economist:

“The pandemic has had an accelerating effect”. With the Covid, the transition that was already in the works Shortened by five years, maybe even more. “

Because the evidence has been provided that a large part of office tasks can just as easily be done remotely, from home … or in countries with lower wages. No wonder: This is how all IT groups work that have delegated a large part of their tasks to Indian engineers. But this is new for all other companies that did not have the digital knowledge of corporations like IBM or Capgemini.

Economists are sounding the alarm

Air France will be relocating part of its service next year.

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