HYDERABAD: Telangana is all set to participate in the Republic Day parade in Delhi after a gap of three years as Telangana CM Revanth Reddy spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed the significance of Telangana's participation in the Republic Day celebrations and sought permission and a Telangana tableau bat .

Prime Minister Modi agreed to the request for a meeting with officials and promised to provide an opportunity.

The theme of the Telangana Tableau is “India – Mother of Democracy” and highlights the importance of the armed struggle waged in Telangana to protect the rights and democratic values ​​of the people. The government wants to make it clear through a tableau that this fight is an essential part of preserving the country's democracy, regardless of who took part in the armed struggle.

Furthermore, the tableau aims to show how Telangana has developed since the time of the movement. It also aims to sensitize people in the country about the separate Telangana movement that emerged from the stories of humiliation of Telangana girls during the autocratic regime.

Tableau displays the statues of famous personalities like Komuram Bheem, Ranji Gond and Chakali Ailamma, who played a significant role in the liberation of Telangana. The Telangana government created Tableau to pay tribute to the sacrifices of many martyrs of the movement.