TejRan Secrets Revealed Karan calls Tejasswi a good kisser and says she likes being on top

TejRan reveals her secrets to Kangana Ranaut: lock up hosted by Kangana Ranaut had the most exciting grand finale with some sharp gossip and confessions from attendees. The host played a fun game with prison warden Karan Kundrra and warden Tejasswi Prakash bad finale. Kangana asked the power couple some up close and personal questions about their relationship. Check out this viral video posted by the TejRan fan account on Instagram:Also Read – Lock Upp Grand Finals Updates: Munawar Faruqui Declared Winner, Calls Kangana Ranaut ‘Most Professional’

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Tejasswi calls Karan a possessive friend!

The host asked Karan and Tejasswi some tricky questions about their personal lives. When Kangana asked TejRan who was more possessive, they both pointed out each other. while the former big boss 15 The runner-up said Tejasswi was more possessive, the latter said her boyfriend was more possessive, it just didn’t show up. When asked who will apologize first, both Karan and Tejasswi agree lock up Prison guard is the first to apologize. Also Read – Lock Upp Grand Finale Updates: Munawar-Anjali Dance on ‘Break-Up’ Song; Payal Rohtagi performs on “Desi Girl” – Watch

Karan says Tejasswi likes to be on top!

When asked who is a better kisser, the big boss 15 The winner admitted awkwardly, saying, “I made it the first time,” Karan pointed out that we’re all good. When Kangana suggestively asked TejRan who likes to be at the top, he added, “And I’m talking about the game.” Karan confessed that it’s Tejasswi, while making a funny taunt, he said, “I’m not talking about that Game.” When Tejasswi stayed behind, blushing, she said, “I hope Mama isn’t watching.” To which Karan said I’ll take care of her.

When the fun game ended, Karan told dem Dhaakad Actor that he will say goodbye to Tejasswi Nagan 6 puts. Tejasswi thanked the inmates for their loving behavior as she enjoyed being their prison guard.

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