Tejashwi claims Nityanand Rai wanted to join RJD, BJP says ‘character assassination’

After BJP MP Ujiyarpur and Union Home Secretary Nityanand Rai joined forces to criticize opposition leader in Bihar Assembly Tejashwi Prasad Yadav for calling NDA presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu a “Murti (Statue) ‘, Tejashwi said on Monday Rai had ‘no moral courage’ to respond and that he ‘came asking to be admitted to the RJD before he became a minister’.

While Rai has yet to respond, BJP spokesman for Bihar and OBC Morcha Nikhil Anand, the party’s national secretary-general, said, according to PTI, “His (Rai’s) growing standing is causing problems for Tejashwi Yadav and his family. So they indulge in character assassination.”

Anand said, “Lalu Prasad’s family always had a habit of slandering Rai or any other Yadav leader. Lalu Prasad abused her directly from close aides and former MP Ranjan Yadav and current Pataliputra MP Ram Kripal Yadav. What Tejashwi said about Rai is a duck and smear campaign against Rai who never bowed to Lalu Prasad even in his prime.”

“The Lalu family wants yadavs to be their foot soldiers but not grow up as leaders,” the BJP leader claimed. “When the BJP started promoting Yadavs in party rank and in the government hierarchy, the Lalu Prasad family felt uncomfortable and reacted out of the way. Today Bhupender Yadav is the greatest Yadav leader in each party and Nityanand Rai is gaining prominence in Bihar. So the RJD’s reaction is obvious and they are attacking Yadav leaders outside of their family.”

Another BJP leader said that while several BJP leaders have criticized Tejashwi for his “Murti” reference, Tejashwi made a conscious choice to target Rai.

Nityanand Rai has always projected himself as an opponent of Lalu Prasad’s policies from the Yadav-dominated Hajipur region. Rai had also recently posed as the potential CM face of the state-run BJP for 2025. However, he was forced to retract his poses in the face of strained BJP-JD(U) links and after central BJP leaders clarified that Nitish Kumar was the NDA leaders in Bihar.

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