Sudirman Cup live broadcast schedule today on TVRI September 26th – The badminton schedule of the Sudirman Cup today, Sunday (26.09.2021), offers interesting games, including the game Indonesia against Russia. The live broadcast of the Sudirman Cup 2021 will be broadcast via TVRI and live streaming Vidio. The schedule of the Sudirman Cup 2021 on TVRI will take place on Sunday afternoon and evening today.

At the Sudirman Cup 2021, Indonesia will play in Group C with Denmark, Canada and Russia under the name NBFR (National Badminton Federation of Russia). In the first game, Jonathan Cristie and his friends will meet Russia on Sunday (26.09.2021) from 8 p.m. WIB in Court 2 Energia Arena, Vantaa, Finland.

The trainer of the Indonesian badminton team Eddy Prayitno, quoted from Antara, is aiming for victory in the first game against Russia. This is important for the red-whites so that the chances of qualifying for the knockout phase are greater.

Therefore, Eddy made sure that the Indonesian Sudirman Cup team performed with the best strength in the first game, including the match against 2020 Olympic gold medalists Greysia Poli and Apriyani Rahayu, in women’s doubles.

“The first game in the team championship is very important and determines the next step. So Indonesia will have the strongest formation against Russia.” to say Whirl.

Even so, the Indonesian men’s doubles coach Herry Iman Pierngadi said anyone can appear in the men’s doubles. The reason is that Indonesia has players of appropriate quality in this number.

“Whoever is deployed is ready. The men’s doubles area is always in need of points to win and we are ready to do the job, ”said Herry.

Indonesia are hoping to beat Russia by playing the best team. It is important for the red and white team to win the group in order to avoid strong opponents in the last quarter.

At the Sudirman Cup 2021, the Indonesian team will be ranked 3rd, behind defending champion China, who is ranked 1st, and Japan ranked 2nd in the mixed team tournament.

In addition to the game Indonesia against Russia, the schedule of the Sudirman Cup 2021 also offers another interesting duel between Team China against Finland, which is hosting the tournament. Shi Yuqi and colleagues are expected to win through a landslide.

Sudirman Cup 2021 schedule on TVRI: broadcast live today

The game of the Sudirman Cup 2021 on Sunday (September 26th, 2021) can be followed via the TVRI live broadcast and the Vidio Premier live streaming. TVRI is supposed to broadcast the games Thailand against India and Indonesia against Russia.

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By subscribing to Vidio Premier, viewers can watch the Sudirman Cup 2021 as well as other interesting sports shows. Below is the full schedule for the first day of the Sudirman Cup 2021.

Sudirman Cup 2021 schedule

Sunday, September 26th 2021

Court 1

14.00 WIB China vs. Finland (Live video)
20.00 WIB South Korea VS Germany (Live video)

Court 2

14.00 WIB Thailand vs. India (Live TVRI and Video)
20.00 WIB Indonesia vs. Russia (Live TVRI and Video)

Court 3

14.00 WIB Taiwan vs. Tahiti (Not Live)
20.00 WIB Denmark vs. Canada (Not Live)