Sudeep applauds Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana: “Fabulous writing and persuasion”

Kannada superstar Sudeep on Friday praised filmmaker and actor Raj B. Shetty’s film Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana. The film, which was released to critical acclaim last year, has only now got Sudeep to see it. And he was so impressed that he published a review in which he discussed various aspects of the film at length.

“A film that deserves a loud round of applause. A constant search for scripts is part of every creator. A screenplay that can inspire everyone during the production process as well as the viewer. This comment isn’t just an opinion, it’s my applause to the entire team for delivering a film of this nature. Among the many films being filmed, I rarely get to see a few and one such film I was able to see last night is GARUDA GAMANA VRISHABHA VAHANA (sic),” he wrote in the statement he posted has on his Twitter page.

“This is his first film that I’m going to see and it’s just superb, both behind and in front of the camera. Fabulous writing style and persuasiveness. I’m sure if this script belonged to someone else, Raj wouldn’t even be in the list of probabilities for the role of Shiva. His personality is like that and I’m sure he gets what I mean by that line. He’s just fabulous in the role and very, very convincing. Such an ability to deliver with great consistency in any frame takes years of experience. He’s really a gifted actor (sic),” Sudeep was generous in his praise for Raj, who, in addition to starring, also wrote and directed the film.

Sudeep recently made national headlines after commenting on the ongoing debate over the national language. During a film event in Bengaluru a few weeks ago, Sudeep said, “Hindi was no longer a national language.” His comments exploded into major controversy when Bollywood star Ajay Devgan took offense at Sudeep’s stance and tweeted his displeasure expressed the latter.

On the career front, Sudeep awaits Vikrant Rona’s release. The fantasy mystery thriller hits theaters on July 28th.

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