Street Vendors ‘Part of Economic Existence’, No More Invaders: Puri | India News

NEW DELHI: Union Minister for Housing said Hardeep Puri on Saturday street vendors are no longer “interlopers” as the government shows them respect during the celebrations of India’s 75th anniversary of independence and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is their biggest supporter. The minister also assured street vendors that his department would be writing to all states to set up grievance committees to deal with their problems within a week.
Speech at the Annual Meeting of National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) with the theme “From interloper to self-employed”, Puri said that the street vendors are “part of the economic existence” and now hundreds of thousands of them have become micro-entrepreneurs after receiving subsidized loans through PM Svanidhi’s scheme.
“The theme of your congress is a big political message,” he said.
Puri added that the main purpose of the PM Svanidhi scheme is to ensure confidence, self-sufficiency and self-respect of street vendors across the country, claiming the central government scheme is the fastest-established government scheme. He said by July 11 Rs 3,661 crore had been disbursed in microloans to over 30,000 street vendors and the target of 50,000 would soon be reached.
The minister acknowledged that there is a trend for local authorities to harass street vendors and the government is attempting to address this problem by taking the issue to state governments.
Puri also assured Delhi street vendors to raise their concerns with the Delhi Lieutenant Governor and the city’s Police Commissioner.

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