Startup in RI, as old as corn, now hit by a layoff storm


The phenomenon of the emergence of startups occurs in different parts of the world, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, this technology startup is relatively young.

It is not known for certain when startups will develop in Indonesia, but Secretary-General of Indonesia Venture Capital and Startup Association (Amvesindo), Eddi Danusaputro said that startups developing in the country were marked by the birth of Gojek cs, which are now publicly known companies.

Gojek was born in 2010 and founded by Nadiem Makariem, who now serves as Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. Other big startups, Tokopedia, were founded in 2009, Bukalapak in 2010 and Traveloka in 2012.

“I forgot the exact year, maybe it was the beginning since the founding of Gojek, Traveloka, Tokopedia, Bukalapak. It has been around 10-12 years since startups started in Indonesia and there has been investment. So the startup and venture capital ecosystems are actually not too old either. It’s still relatively new, young compared to Silicon Valley, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and so on,” he told detikcom on Sunday (May 6th, 2022).

Before these companies, Kaskus had emerged as a digital company in Indonesia. According to Eddi, the Kaskus era was the precursor to the development of startups. Kaskus itself was founded in 1999.

“Yes, I think that’s the forerunner, Kaskus is the forerunner of establishing digital tech startups in Indonesia,” he added.

Despite being relatively young, startup developments are quite fast. website found that Indonesia was the fifth largest startup with a total of 2,381 startups. First up is the United States (USA) with 72,130 startups, followed by India with 13,631 startups, the UK with 6,344 startups, and Canada with 3,426 startups.

Aside from the numbers side, startups in Indonesia are also growing in value terms. Currently, there are several startups that have unicorn status, namely companies with a valuation of Rp. 1 billion equals Rp. 145 trillion.

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