Startup Aquatech Delos, focuses on Shrimp Farm Software

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Delos, tarnishing aquatech, which focuses on shrimp farming, is currently developing AquaHero, a pond management software that can help shrimp farmers increase pond efficiency and yields.

The software will use a system that combines new technologies and scientific research on shrimp production to modernize forecasts and recommended actions in shrimp farms.

The startup, which was only founded in November 2021, received early-stage financing and Seed Expansion Round valued at US$8 million or Rp114 billion, led by Centauri Fund, a VC firm in association with MDI Ventures and KB Investment Cp.LRD and Alpha JWC Ventures.

This funding was also followed by several other investors such as Number Capital, Kopi Kenangan founder James Prananto and Indonegen Capitol.

Guntur Mallarangeng, CEO and co-founder of Delos said the initial funding was used to develop AquaHero and its two latest products, namely the Aqualink supply chain integration system and financial services for AquaBank shrimp farmers.

Guntur said that Indonesia should be the largest shrimp producer in the world with an existing coastline, so Delos is here to equip shrimp farmers with technology and skilled management skills to produce sustainable and profitable crops.

“Currently, Ecuador and India are the largest shrimp producing countries in the world. Taken together, the two countries have a much smaller coastline than Indonesia,” Guntur said on Tuesday (June 21, 2022).

Delos also hopes that with its help, the productivity of shrimp ponds with above-average yields can increase to just under 40 tons per hectare.

Guntur also claims that within four months of going live in November 2021, gross merchandise value (GMV) and pond area managed by Delos have grown by more than 600 percent.

In addition, Delos claims that it has managed to increase its partners’ yields by around 114 percent per tonne/hectare.

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