Sports: Saint-Denis organizes its first Badminton Open

A certain pride enlivened the small world of badminton in Réunion this Wednesday, July 13th. With its 1,500 licensees and 14 clubs, this discipline starts the 1st SAINT DENIS RUNION OPEN Badminton this week. An international event worthy of the greatest nations of this Olympic sport. Below we publish the press release of the league. (Photo: DR)

When the small army of volunteers in green T-shirts has meticulously collected the last pieces of feathers, the referees in black adjust the height of the 4 nets on the official pitches, the players settle down in the stands, … Here are some pictures that preceded the start of this 1st International Badminton Open.

This competition by BWF standards, Badminton World Federation means a standard requirement in all positions of the organization. A dynamic pilot by ric Lissilour, a Frenchman who is simply the main referee of the last world championships. With his red polo shirt he takes care of all the details like the speed of the shuttlecocks or the settings of all the game control instruments.

A requirement worthy of the greatest competitions in the world. This is also confirmed by the Vice President of the French Badminton Federation, Sylvain Benan (see elsewhere). The Federal Commissioner, who is used to world cycles, has been following the outbreak of this open in the Indian Ocean for several months. “Christophe Chenut came to mainland France, Thailand and African circles to understand all the organizational elements of this type of event. His inspiration was beneficial. The French Badminton Federation is proud to support this major tournament. An example for everyone abroad.” The President of the Badminton League, who is the maneuver from the referee table all week (see photo of him sitting behind the screens with a badminton poster)

No wind or rain in Hall S of Champ Fleuri St. Denis Gymnasium, the magnificent lion dances by QI LIN Association opened the competition and warmed the mood. Happiness, determination, courage, wealth and most importantly, longevity would be the expected effects. Positive thoughts are essential when launching an event with such ambitions for this 1st edition. A great way to show that sport enables relationships between peoples. A hot topic for many European competitors. Over the course of the week, 24 nations will be represented to change steering wheels. A way to express yourself because in this racquet sport there are real duels between fighters. Speed, strength, stretch, flexibility are needed to get out of the game, for that the Indian delegation is the largest with 40 players. No wonder for this country which is only 6 hours flight away and has more than a million players. Currently, India is one of the great nations animating the world top with World No. 1 Pusarla Venkata.

“It is difficult to name a favorite in this class 3 tournament on the BWF circuit. The best in the ranking are between 100th and 110th in the world,” states the main referee.

This Wednesday was an opportunity for some Reunionese to step onto the field. A real chance to face this level of play.Elimination stages in singles to hope to take part in the official draw. Unsurprisingly, the fight was tough. It must be said that some of the players present were at the Olympic Games, others at the World Championships. Few disciplines can announce so many nations on the race track. The $25,000 endowment could be the dream of more than one player.

But the most important thing to remember this week is certainly that badminton in Réunion is launching into a new orbit. A trajectory to prepare for the future and open new doors, those of the world circuit.

FFBa Vice-President Sylvain BENAN explains: “This Touraine member of a league of 11,500 members is used to the biggest events in the world. The priority of the FFBa is to promote both sporting and social performance. That’s what we have.” to show that badminton can also find its place in our organizations as volunteers, referees, organizers, etc. The Saint-Denis Runion Open is proof of this great dynamism.Since my arrival I have observed motivated people who want to make this competition a success. The association accompanies the event by financing part of the flight tickets for the referees on your island. An area that can be ambitious. For things to work, you must want motivated leaders, as is the case with Christophe Chenut The partners who follow you. The hardest part is often the beginning. Now you have to grow step by step by making young people want it. Activities related to local authorities. Stabilize every pillar of the organization and perhaps envision joining another competition in the area tomorrow. This would allow international players to schedule multiple competitions when coming to that part of the world. The future is yours! “

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