[Société] Endo Espoir OI expands its solidarity challenge

SOLIDARITY. Women with endometriosis who make hats for cancer patients: a great challenge in solidarity! This beautiful promotion, which is planned for the whole of September, will be extended until the end of October.

October is the month when life appears in pink. The color of the fight against cancer. Endo Espoir Indian Ocean decided in August to join the action in his own way: by sewing. Thanks to the help of Goenaelle Desprairies, a sewing professional who started her Au Fil des Prairies business, the members and friends of the association followed the pattern, bought or found very nice fabrics and started making hats for women undergoing chemotherapy . These caps are then offered to the Amazones Réunion association, which distributes them.

“We know what it means to be affected in our femininity. That’s what happened to us with endometriosis. It’s not the same disease, but these women with cancer live the same thing. We in a different form. “explains Élodie Boyer for Endo Espoir Indian Ocean.

The Solidarity Challenge, which should end on September 30th, will finally be extended to the whole month of October and is traditionally dedicated to raising awareness of the fight against breast cancer. In October, two workshops are organized, open to any good will with a sewing machine, one in Manapagny and the second in Saint-Joseph. The exact information will be published on the FB page of the association. But for those who can work alone, the sample is available from the club, which picks up the made caps to deliver to Amazones Réunion at the end of October.

Endo Espoir OI has already made 75 caps. “We quickly came up with the idea of ​​making some for children with cancer, as well as heart pillows for women with cancer”, explains Élodie Boyer. A very nice solidarity challenge.

Mireille Legait