Sisha or security on top

For the opening of the International Summit for Height Safety (Sisha) on Thursday, September 16, many mountain actors were invited to the Olympic Hall in Albertville. The approach will lead to a charter in a year’s time aimed at reducing accidents in high mountains around the world.

A swarm of colorful mountaineers who climb Everest in single file. The photo projected on the big screen moves the audience. Many of them came to the start of the International High Altitude Safety Summit (Sisha), at the Olympic Hall in Albertville on Thursday, September 16, these mountain actors pledge to spend a year thinking about new practices to avoid Dramas that have become too common. It is a common concern of Andinists, Himalayas and other mountaineers: consumption practices, waste management, the increasing use of oxygen and helicopters, global warming … These are all aspects that affect safety at high altitudes. The conclusion is clear: “There are more and more practitioners, but their technical level is less and less good, sums up the famous mountaineer Marc Batard, instigator of Sisha. There are new expectations and the requirements for success are greater than before. It is necessary to adapt security to changes in society ”. The sisha approach is therefore equally innovative and necessary internationally. “Nepal is home to ten of the highest peaks in the world. Practitioners need to understand that you cannot climb a peak by helicopter as you climb the Eiffel Tower by elevator. The body has to adapt to the oxygen content ”, illustrated the representative of Nepal in Paris, who endorsed the approach.

To invent everything.

Actors from different horizons, who all have a common love for the mountains, will therefore work together with representatives from 27 countries with peaks over 5,000 meters. All of this through the integration of already existing networks, including the UIAA and UIAGM (the international associations of mountaineering associations and mountain guides) or the FFME (French mountaineering and climbing association). “We don’t have a ready-made answer, just a few questions that we specialists around the world can ask as a basis for reflection”explains Denis Horeau, the coordinator of the process.

See you in 2022.

“It’s not about reserving the mountain for an elite, According to Frédéric Thiriez, President of Habitat et Humanisme, an association that will raise funds to carry out the project. Malthusianism that only serves the rich is not a solution. We need to promote a different mountain practice that balances the needs of safety, mountain preservation and tourism development.. At the end of four working days, in October 2022, the specifications drawn up by the participants in Sisha are available. This Albertville charter allows “Improving safety at high altitude, coupled with more responsible and sustainable practices in areas where the economy depends mainly on the mountains”, says Frédéric Thiriez. The city of debates was found: Albertville is refining its reputation as a mountain that has housed the Campus des Métiers de montagne for two years, which will receive its new building, the Olympics, in 2022, a great moment of celebrations between the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Albertville and the Grand Bivouac documentary film festival, which organizes the Montagnards du monde event for the occasion.