Siamese twins get their first job in India

Sohna and Mohna share everything: kidney, spleen… But sharing the salary is out of the question! At 19, these Siamese Indians just got their first job. Electricians, they intend to highlight the skills of disabled workers.

In India, in the Punjab region, two 19-year-old conjoined twins get their first job. Recruited by the state as electricians, they receive two separate salaries of 10,000 Indian rupees per month (about 119 euros). A nice revenge for Sohna and Mohna, who were abandoned two months after their birth (video opposite).

That ” her dream job »

Born with two hearts, two pairs of arms, two spinal cords, and two kidneys, twins share a gallbladder, spleen, liver, and a pair of legs. Even if life wasn’t always rosy, they never brooded. Especially since her thing is easy. Fascinated by electrical appliances since childhood, they look forward to ” her dream job », thanks in particular to the support of the home where they grew up. ” We are grateful to the Punjab Government for recognizing our talent. ” they explained in the columns of the British daily newspaper on December 25, 2021 The Independent. A big step towards inclusion in a country where 60 million people live with disabilities, who are plagued by prejudice and often blamed for their disability.

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