Saudi Arabia government admits use of Sinovac vaccine for Indonesian umrah pilgrims

Jakarta – It no longer appears to be a scourge regarding the use of the Sinovac vaccine, which was rejected by the Saudi Arabian authorities for potential Umrah pilgrims from Indonesia.

“Although there was no official publication on the matter, the decision of the meeting attended by the consulate in Jeddah stated that the use of the Sinovac vaccine was allowed with the addition of a booster.” Obviously just Arifin

As of July 25, the government of Saudi Arabia issued a policy to reopen Umrah worship, but this does not apply to Indonesia. The spread of Covid-19 cases still occurring in Indonesia is why Saudi Arabia is still closing the door to Indonesian umrah pilgrims.

“The most important reason is Saudi Arabia’s caution when dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Small countries that send a few Umrah pilgrims are currently allowed, “explained Nur Arifin, director of Special Umrah & Hajj Bina.

Saudi Arabia is cautious, he continued, because it does not want to repeat events in India, where there was an explosion of Covid-19 cases after local authorities opened a Hindu church service on the Ganges that resulted in an explosion of Covid-19 cases in India.