Salero Kito, a restaurant in Padang popular with Australians in Melbourne

SUMMARY OF WORDS – Salero Kito Restaurant is a Minang specialty restaurant favored by many Australians in Melbourne.

This restaurant, owned by Afdal Utama and his colleagues, is located in the Central Business District of Melbourne, Australia.

Afdal has been in the culinary business of his hometown’s original cuisine since 2014.

Although the name Salero Kito does not come from him, the restaurant business has now become an identity for the alumni of SMA 1 Padang.

As it has become an inherent identity, Afdal is also strengthening the fundamentals of its culinary business in Minang.

Afdal also demonstrated the strength of the Salero-Kito Business Foundation in Australia when the 2020 pandemic hit.

When many Melbourne restaurants went bust, Salero Kito stayed.

Afdal’s decision to keep his business going during the pandemic has proved fruitful.

The Minang cuisine he produces is gaining increasing recognition from Australians.

“In the past, our consumers were just students and travelers from the country. Now there are many Australian Caucasians who are repeating orders,” he told Katasumbar.

Loved by many Australians, Afdal has also modified the spices and flavors of Minang Salero Kito’s cuisine.

It modifies the taste of the cuisine to make it more acceptable to Australians without destroying the original taste.

“Caucasians don’t like spicy and oily flavors. So we’re reducing the chili,” he said.

“Actually, the taste is not hot, but if there are consumers who want hot like the original taste, we offer extra chili,” he added.


Imported spice

In order to get the right taste, Afdal also needs to get quality spices.

Some of the spices typical of Minang cuisine that he makes are imported spices.

Some are imported directly from Indonesia, others from Vietnam, India and Thailand.

“We import some spices from producers in Padang and some from other countries,” Afdal said.

“Why from other countries, because they are fresher and can be sent frozen,” he explained.

Imported cooking ingredients and spices include cayenne pepper, lemongrass, bay leaf and turmeric.

“Cayenne pepper is imported from Thailand, while lemongrass, bay leaves and turmeric come from Vietnam and Indonesia,” he explained.

“Then there are those from India like turmeric. When coconut milk is imported in the form of boxes,” he concluded.

With all these ingredients, Afdal has touted a serving of nasi padang in Melbourne at 10-15 Australian dollars.

A serving of Nasi Padang Salero Kito is Rp. 100 to Rp. 150,000.

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