Sadhguru shares his health update after brain surgery in new video

Sadhguru underwent emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi

New Delhi:

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who is recovering after emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, shared an update of himself reading a newspaper.

In a 19-second video with slow music in the background, Sadhguru is seen reading a newspaper in his hospital room. The video was posted on Sadhguru's X social media handle with the hashtags #Sadhguru #SpeedyRecovery.

In a post on X on March 23, Sadhguru shared a poem titled “Lost Me in You.”

“In extreme pain and pleasure, in extreme exuberance and equanimity. This science of knowing the inner mechanisms has never let me down for a moment. Living a life of extreme discipline and abandonment, having reached peaks, valleys and plains, why am I like this?” “I am still here,” they said.

“Just love for you, you and you and love for everything that moves and doesn't move. An overwhelming love from all of you. Forever grateful to be wrapped in your love. Where have you and I been since I lost myself?” “You,” it continued.

Sadhguru underwent emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi after suffering a life-threatening hemorrhage in the skull.

On March 20, Dr. Vinit Suri, a senior neurologist at Apollo Hospital, who examined Sadhguru, reported on the spiritual guru's health condition.

“He was having a headache for the last four weeks. The headache was very severe and he ignored it because he had to go about his normal activities. On March 8, he even performed the Mahashivratri function despite being in excruciating pain.” On March 15, the pain became severe and then he consulted me. At 4 pm, I recommended him an MRI but at 6 pm he had a very important meeting and did not want to miss it and the MRI showed that he had a massive hemorrhage in the brain which was outside the brain twice about three days ago.

A team of doctors comprising Dr. Vinit Suri, Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Sudheer Tyagi and Dr. S. Chatterjee performed the surgery within hours of admission to control the bleeding. Sadhguru was weaned off the ventilator after the surgery.

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