“Russian Newspaper”. BRICS youth start-up project developed near Ulyanovsk | Ulpressa

In the international camp near Ulyanovsk, the concept of an endowment fund for young startups in the BRICS area was developed. During the week, young executives from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa worked on the Direct Investment Fund project.

According to the drafters of the proposal, the fund will provide financial support to public-private and commercial projects aimed at improving the quality of life, developing green energy, projects in the field of ecology and innovative developments.

On September 14, the first meeting of the International Youth Camp of the BRICS countries, which was dedicated to entrepreneurship and economic cooperation between the five member countries, ended in the Russian coastal ecopark in the Ulyanovsk region.

– Based on the results of the first session, the young participants in the camp developed a kind of roadmap for the organization and implementation of the first international award for the 100 best young entrepreneurs from the BRICS countries. We have created a rating for young entrepreneurs who successfully conduct international business in the BRICS area. We also developed the concept of a specific foundation fund during the shift to support young entrepreneurship initiatives. I hope that this fund will also be supported at the level of our specialist departments for the economy of the BRICS countries. I would like to believe that we can now finance start-ups that focus on economic cooperation in the BRICS area, – said Tatyana Seliverstova, deputy head of the department for youth projects and programs of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The program of the first BRICS youth camp turned out to be rich and rich in interesting events. On September 9, on the opening day of the first shift, following video greetings from Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Acting Governor of the Ulyanovsk Oblast Alexey Russkikh, and the head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Ksenia Razuvaeva, the plenary session “International Agenda for the Development of Relations between the BRICS countries ”. In the following days, the participants were expected by educational events as well as intellectual and sporting games.

One of the speakers was Diana Kovela, Deputy Director of the Ulyanovsk Foundation – Capital of Culture, Head of the Directorate for International Cooperation, who presented the activities of the project office and announced international projects for 2021-2022. The camp was overseen by international experts and visionaries, including Eduard Omarov, candidate for psychology and vice president of the public organization OPORA Rossii.

– The first thing that is important and to be observed in the camp is international cooperation. We are creating various alliances so that countries can find new growth points through unification. In addition to the economy, we also develop humanitarian and cultural ties. For young people, the earlier we work with them in this direction, the better we will make promising economic connections for the future. The youth section of the BRICS forum aims to promote young entrepreneurship – one of the main trends of our time. In such forums, young people can find the best connections, the best information and the best communication in order to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is very important to share your experiences with young people because only experience shows which knowledge is useful and which is not. The first thing I talked about was how to find this extremely useful knowledge and develop your personality. – said Eduard Omarov.

Young entrepreneurs participating in the work of the first shift of the camp carried out a detailed analysis of the youth entrepreneurship development programs and assessed their effectiveness. As part of their practical work, they worked out practical solutions to problems that are relevant to international cooperation. One of the proposals that was supported by all countries was the implementation of the second BRICS Business Accelerator, the first took place in 2020. The main objective of the Business Accelerator is to facilitate the establishment of direct contacts between young representatives of the BRICS economy in order to further develop entrepreneurship and innovation among young people.

– This is my second event in BRICS format and I think these meetings are definitely not to be missed. Last time I established very good business contacts with participants from other countries, including Russia. This time we will continue to present our ideas for Russian entrepreneurs as we want to build our own business, including in Ulyanovsk, Moscow and other Russian cities. I have my own travel company and in about six months we plan to work closely with customers from Russia, ” said Yanchan Sharma, participant in the international BRICS youth camp from India, a sophomore at the Faculty of Economics at RUDN University.

Young entrepreneurs handed the agenda over to a creative shift in which architects, designers and urbanists begin to develop the concept of the BRICS Smart City Park – a new living space model that meets the needs of young people for education, creativity, leisure and employment. The second session, dedicated to the creative industries, starts on September 16.

It should be noted that the Ulyanovsk Oblast has become a leading region in hosting major international youth events of the BRICS countries. Last year Ulyanovsk had the honor of hosting the project office of the international youth cooperation in the BRICS-Russia direction and of carrying out ongoing activities for humanitarian and economic cooperation with the BRICS member countries.