RI’s “Covid-19 Storm” is more dangerous than India

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

India is the focus of global attention as cases increase Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) which has been so massive over the past two weeks. The country of 1.36 billion people continues to set a record for the daily number of cases Covid-19 up to 350,000 cases per day.

While India received worldwide praise earlier in the year, including from Indonesia. The country has managed to conduct a massive and significant number of testing, contact tracing, and isolation. In addition, the statistics on vaccination success are quite high.

However, these various efforts were followed by the Indian community’s neglect of health protocols. The residents of the country are desperately trying to hold religious rituals, politicians are again active and campaigning, negligence in observing the Covid-19 prevention protocol has colored various activities.

Until the Covid 19 tsunami finally hit India. As a result, the Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) of hospitals in India is overloaded, forcing patients to be treated on the street near the hospital, leaving the crematorium and funeral staff overwhelmed.

India’s condition, similar in population density, behavior and culture to Indonesia, has worried the Expert Council of the Indonesian Association of Experts on Public Health (IAKMI) Hermawan Saputra.

Hermawan estimated that Indonesia also has the potential to experience the same, and it could be even worse. In light of this, the Indian government’s technology to combat the Covid-19 pandemic is better than Indonesia’s.

India, he went on, has already passed the peak of Covid-19 and is known for being good at controlling cases. This is done by adding up the daily cases of less than 10 thousand cases. proven Positivity rate also known as the daily positive ratio in the range of 7-10 percent.

The country also had time to introduce a regional quarantine or Lockdown several times and is listed as one of the largest vaccine manufacturers. For example, the production of vaccines by the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. While Indonesia is the opposite of that.

“India is better than Indonesia when it comes to dealing with Covid-19. Because we are [Indonesia] very weak in testing and persecutionNor do we have a reliable vaccine or strong enough guidelines. So the combination could be an extraordinary Covid-19 storm in Indonesia, it could be even worse than India, “said Hermawan when contacting us CNNIndonesia.com, Monday (26/4).

Hermawan then stated that the potential for a “Covid-19 storm” in Indonesia could be triggered by various conditions. First, the government’s strategy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, which includes testing, tracing and tracking (3T), has even moved off the threshold of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Second, public adherence to the Covid-19 health protocol, including wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping your distance (3M) has declined.

Third, if Indonesia has a coronavirus mutation that continues to grow and some of them have a high rate of transmission until they are considered immune to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“We don’t want a new variant to invade existing efforts and destroy them. So of course we don’t expect India to be like,” Hermawan recalled.

He also conveyed the warnings about the vaccination euphoria. Residents are careless about following health protocols, although giving a vaccine doesn’t necessarily make a person immune to the coronavirus. This lesson can also be drawn from the case of India.

Warnings not to get stuck in vaccination euphoria