RI to expand 350,000 acres of corn land in Papua-Coldara, can it be exported?


Coordinating Economy Minister Airlangga Hartarto reported on the outcome of a meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo. The results of the meeting, the government will increase production Corn national in the new area.

Airlangga said the newly requested areas were from Papua, West Papua, NTT Maluku, North Maluku and North Kalimantan. In addition to expanding the agricultural areas, seed production is also to be increased.

“With a total area of ​​141,000 hectares and 86,000 are new lands,” he said in a virtual press conference on YouTube by the Presidential Secretariat on Monday (08.01.2022).

The plan is to use genetically modified corn seed that can increase production. seed term Corn that is, through genetically modified organisms (GMO) or genetically modified products (GMO).

“Or hybrids in terms of hybrids, the government has promoted superior hybrid corn seeds capable of producing between 10.6 and 13.7 million tons per hectare,” he continued.

The Regulation on the use of GMO maize seeds is established by the Minister of Agriculture. With GMO there are a range of high yielding seeds used to increase corn production starting with the Motherland 3, F1, PC, NK Mighty, Lion, Bima, Terrible and P36 varieties.

Airlangga believes deliver Corn Indonesia’s national scale can reach 27 million tons. Meanwhile, the current demand is only 14 million tons and the reserves are 3 million tons. Then, for industrial needs ranging from cornstarch up snacks, Sweeteners are still imported.

“The President’s directive to reduce specifications so that specifications can be increased is of course necessary to encourage additional numbers dryer and silos because we know the amount of corn production in corn and feed mill not in the same province,” he continued.

The government hopes that increasing corn production can boost domestic demand, and also hopes for export. Because one chance is that some countries are to limit their corn exports, including China and India.

“It is therefore important for us to expand so that the current average per hectare is 5 tons and can be increased to 10-13 tons per hectare,” he concluded.


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