RI imports Indian buffalo meat, FMD-free? : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Perum Bulog urges the public not to panic Mouth and nail disease (PMK), which is endemic to Indonesia.

Bulog ensures that frozen buffalo meat imported from India is safe and FMD-free.

Bulog’s business director, Febby Novita, said the frozen buffalo meat could provide an alternative source of protein and safe nutrition for the community.

He said his party flew to India to conduct direct inspections of the tracing and slaughtering process and transportation of livestock production.

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The team conducted farm-to-production-house inspections in randomized areas to verify the procedures put in place by frozen meat suppliers.

“Before shipping to Indonesia, it is confirmed that the buffalo meat imported by Bulog comes only from suppliers who have received Halal certification from Indonesia’s Ulema Council and permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to ship it to Indonesia,” Febby told reporters in the JIEXPO area, Kemayoran, Jakarta Wednesday (7/27/2022).

In addition, frozen meat products have met animal health criteria and are suitable for human consumption.

This is in line with what the Veterinary Institute in India Health Certificate states.

Febby explained the condition of frozen buffalo meat imported from India by Bulog and in response to the widespread news of PMK attacks on cattle in several areas, Bulog also conducted regular PCR testing at the Veterinary Farma Center.

“Bulog routinely carries out laboratory tests, including PMK tests, to ensure frozen meat from India meets the health requirements set by the government. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the buffalo meat is immediately inspected and certified for each container by the Tanjung Priok Quarantine Center of the Ministry of Agriculture,” Febby said.

Nuryani Zainuddin, director of veterinary public health at the Ministry of Agriculture, noted that FMD in animals does not harm human health, so meat and milk are still safe for consumption.

“Animal products processed with proper handling can kill viruses, making them safe for distribution. This correct handling can also support efforts to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in animals and the environment,” Nuryani said