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Antim the ultimate truth

The Indian film Antim is a Salman Khan family film. Yes! Salman’s brother-in-law who starred in this film. And Salman got the second role. As a big brother, Salman tries his best to support Aayush Sharma. Apparently the film of Mahesh Majrekar was produced by Salman’s own company.

In fact, the Antim film The Final Truth is an adaptation of the Marathi film Mulshi Pattern. The following is a summary and review of this film.

Sinopsis Antim, The Ultimate Truth

Review and summary of ANTIM, The Final Truth
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Good people get bad because people often do bad things. The beginning of the movie is so interesting. How Rahulya (Aayush Sharma), who loves his father, Dattaram (Sachin Khedekar) is furious when he sees his father being tortured by his employer just because the employer’s parking lot has been lightly scratched by the fence. They were expelled and moved to another city.

Live a happy and simple life as a porter. Rahul sees oppression again, he defends himself until he accidentally kills and is imprisoned. Rahul’s career begins in prison when he incapacitates even high-ranking prisoners until the great gangster Nanya helps him free him and invites him to join his gang.

Rahulya commits many murders for the sake of money and power. Entering and leaving the prison is a matter of course for him. This causes the police officer Rajveer (Salman Khan) to chase him down.

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Review of Antim, The Ultimate Truth

There is no new material from Antim. Stories that have been used a lot. Kill-kill, be a gangster. Those who were originally good people eventually became evil due to circumstances. Call it films of this type like Vastaav, Hathyaar, Chandni Bar, Harami, Raja natwarlal. And even Antim can’t be better than these films.

The Antim story is good at the beginning, it’s about the family, but in the middle it gets boring. The plot becomes monotonous, it just goes back and forth … Rahulya kills people, goes to jail … To be released easily with false witnesses (even if she kills them every time in a public place in front of a crowd) it feels strange.

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Unlike the Satyamev Jayate 2 film released on the same day, in which John (the main actor) tried to kill himself, he first had to dress up and hide in the dark night. In Antim, Rahul is free to kill anyone, and the law is weak at all times. In the end we just see Rahul kill people, go to prison … get out of prison, kill again, go to prison again … kill again … and so on, until he is told he got rich and took his former land.

Fortunately, against a pretty good end to the conflict, the father does not want to accept anything from Rahul that comes from illegal money by killing people. In fact, Manda’s parents Manda (Mahima Makwana) do not want to marry Rahul, whom she loves.

Rahul almost kills Manda’s father, but Manda, fed up with Rahul’s behavior, rejects Rahul. Rahulya feels lonely here. Now he’s rich, but nobody wants to admit the people who are always with him when the going gets tough.

Salman Khan still looks decent in Antim. But he doesn’t do much here, there are no difficult things that require more acting skills from a Rajveer cop, there is little dialogue, the rest are big bugs, but Salman’s charm, both face and body, is what attracts most viewers see Antim.

Actor Review

  • This time, Salman became the second role.
  • The main role in Antim is Aayush Sharma, who is Salman’s sister-in-law in real life. Aayush there is an improvement in terms of acting, compared to the first film Loveyatri, Aayush Sharma’s acting in Antim is much better.
  • Mahima Makwana got a small role, but she was cute enough to decorate a male-dominated movie.
  • Sachin Khedekar as Rahul’s father is the most interesting in the film, he can play the role of a patient father, a father who hates his son is on the wrong path, but still the feeling of love is there, in the end Sachin is very touched Abundance of emotions that he wants to express.
  • Varun Dhawan makes a cameo on a song but it has no effect, neither the song nor the dance are average.

If you want to repeat yourself to see Indian gangster style films that are similar to their predecessors, Antim can be a try.

title : Antim, The Ultimate Truth
director : Mahesh Manjrekar
player : Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma
show : in the world theaters November 26th
budget : 45 cr (
evaluation : 6/10

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