Réunion: Launch of the “5,000 license plan” to make sport easier for everyone

In the plenary chamber this Friday, April 29, 2022, chaired by Philippe Potin, Vice-President and Delegate for Sport and Well-being, was Jean-Marie Virapoullé, Vice-President and Delegate for the Coordination of Social Actions and Prevention and Social Inclusion Strategy, Camille Dagorne , Sub-Prefect in charge of Social Cohesion and Youth, or Claude Villendeuil, President of the Reunion Regional, Olympic and Sports Committee (CROS).

A meeting that led to the official launch of the “5,000 license plan” and the granting of a €500,000 budget by the Ministry. An envelope for the humblest households, for which the practice of sport is often hampered by the weight of the family budget. According to the ministry “Poverty must not divide the chances of access to sport“.

According to Jean-Marie Virapoullé, Vice-President, Delegate for the Coordination of Social Actions and the Strategy for Prevention and Social Inclusion: “This year, the department is implementing an unprecedented action program of more than 15 million euros, including 865,000 euros for sport and culture as vectors of social inclusion. The Ministry thus reaffirms its desire to move towards a more just and equitable society, giving the most vulnerable a real chance, rejecting determinism and allowing all to live with dignity and take their full place in society. Sport is an important part of education, culture, integration and social life. Our clubs teach our children and young people important values ​​such as sharing, fair play, solidarity and respect for others. Sport is a powerful tool for engaging our audience, hence the “5,000 License Plan”. It is up to us to continue together this work of reinvention, of strengthening territorial solidarity.”.

This support for sport and its access to the most humble housing is part of a context of health crisis that has created certain inequalities. In addition, clubs, federations, all sports providers are badly affected by the postponement of events or the cancellation of training related to health measures, in 2020 the number of licensees among the youngest has fallen by 70%. .

For Philippe Potin, Vice-President for Sport and Youth, this commitment from the department is necessary: ​​“We operate a proactive and constant sports policy that allows us to support all levels of sports practice and almost all structures in the world of sport in Réunion: from clubs to CROS (Regional Olympic and Sports Committee) through leagues and committees. In March 2020, in order to allow the sporting world of Réunion to deal with this unprecedented situation, which is damaging this important social link that sport represents on our island, the Ministry, head of social action, decided to increase its financial support for to maintain operations and sports projects to all your structures and clubs, despite this significant decrease in the number of licensees. We felt it was a moral duty not to further weaken domestic sport.”

Finally, the department highlights the issue of public health and the search for social cohesion. “Clubs and associations are places where we learn about the pedagogical and ethical values ​​of our society. Signing a license at a club is a powerful act and sometimes a first commitment for young people who then learn a taste for effort, sharing and surpassing., expresses the communiqué of the department. The 5,000 license plan is aimed at young people residing in Réunion under the age of 21, recipients of Social Assistance for Children (ASE), social versatility or those whose parents are recipients of Active Solidarity Income (BRSA), for a fixed allowance amount of €100 per person .

Damien Chaillot

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