Relations between the US and India | Senate Chairman Chuck Schumer calls for increased economic and technological cooperation

Schumer also noted the record number of Indians running for office in New York City, his home state

The majority leader in the US Senate (Democrats), Chuck Schumer, called for closer cooperation between the US and India on the economic and defense front.

Speaking at a virtual forum organized by the US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), an advocacy organization, Mr. Schumer also noted the record number of Native American Americans running for office in his home state, New York City.

To strengthen economic ties, the US Congress needs to “find investment opportunities” in industries that are critical to both countries (semiconductors, biotechnology, etc.), but also in emerging areas like 5G, cybersecurity and AI, Schumer said. Without naming China or any other country, he said that “rivals around the world” who do not always value democracy have invested in such technologies.

“We have to hit them to the limit,” he said, adding that the US and India also need to work on their joint defense.

“At a time when the forces of authoritarianism are advancing around the world, it is important that India and the US … two great, prosperous, growing democracies continue to work together to stand up and proud of all people’s rights to freedom and equality . “

Mr Schumer said he will work with Congress to advance countries’ mutual defense, including working with ASEAN and Quad members.

He also said he would support immigration from India and policies that support a “rational and steady flow of legal immigration” and student visas.

During his presentation on the Diaspora in New York, Mr. Schumer spoke about their political commitment, their contribution and the challenges they face. Discrimination against Indians and Americans in Asia still persists, he said. Nonetheless, a record number of Indian Americans were running for a local office in New York, he said, adding that it was a hopeful sign of a more inclusive future in New York City.

“But today New York still hasn’t elected an Indian to a federal office, so this year’s record number of candidates is a reminder of how much work we have to do,” he said.

Mr Schumer also said that he would like to organize a congress delegation to India as soon as possible.