Regional news October 27th – Mayotte la 1ère


The victory of opponent Wavel Ramkalawan in the presidential elections in the Seychelles is welcomed worldwide. However, there is one country where authorities are concerned. This is India. India is worried about its military base project

In the Indian newspaper “Business Today” we recall the Indian Prime Minister's visit to Seychelles in 2015. During this visit, an agreement was signed with President Danny Faure to base Indian aircraft and ships on Assumption Island. At that time, the Seychelles opposition, led by Wavel Ramkalawan, vigorously protested against the militarization of the archipelago. Now Indians don't really know where to stand with this adversary who has become president. Meanwhile, India duly sent a congratulatory message to the newly elected official. In this New Delhi newspaper, we even recall the Seychelles President's distant Indian roots, as if to stroke him in the right direction. India wants to maintain its presence in the Indian Ocean, competing with China, which has set up a military base in Djibouti. India has already received the right to settle in Agaléga from Mauritius. We wait to see what the Seychelles' stance will be from now on.


We are also about to have an election in Tanzania. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Tanzanians will vote on the election of the president and his deputies

The atmosphere is not trusting. The Tanzanian opposition accuses the electoral commission of fraud by manipulating voter files. The leader of the main opposition party Chadema “claims that millions of voters and ghost polling stations have been added”. The opposition's election campaign was complicated. President Magufuli's main opponent, Tundi Lissu, was banned from meetings for a week because he was accused of making “inflammatory” statements. The incumbent President John Magufuli is encountering isolated resistance. 14 candidates are running against him. This spread greatly benefits the outgoing president, as there is only one round and the person with the most votes wins.


Yesterday we made false statements: finally the people of Réunion and Mahor have the right to travel to Nosy-Bé. The Malagasy authorities have granted an exception to the border closure

Due to the second wave of the coronavirus in Europe, Madagascar has banned access to its territory to nationals of a list of 11 European countries, led by France. However, nationals of Mayotte and Réunion are eligible. Please note that Europeans are not permitted to transit via Mayotte or Réunion. Only residents of these islands have access to Nosy Bé, provided they undergo three Covid tests: before departure, on arrival and on return. This exception has no impact on the people of Mayotte, as they do not have the opportunity to take a test due to a lack of tests in Mayotte.


An incredible scene in Madagascar: a priest himself captures a fleeing thief. This happened in the center of Antananarivo

It's not just any minister who finds himself at the center of this scene worthy of an action movie: it's Public Security Minister Rodellys Randrianarison. He was driving his car when a young man crossed the street, pursued by a crowd of people. A cell phone thief. The minister got out of his car, chased after him, grabbed him by the collar and drove to the nearest police station in front of the police officers, who were stunned to see their big boss doing this. The minister has only followed his words with action by advocating for a more present and active police force on the ground.