Reduce Meat In Your Diet To Get These Health Benefits: Study

Any of the three diets would be sustainably beneficial from a one health perspective. However, this is also at the expense of other aspects. The vegan diet does best in many areas. However, the production of vegan foods is associated with increased water consumption. “Vegans also have to consume certain nutrients separately, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D and even calcium,” says Paris.

The Mediterranean diet (albeit healthy) also leads to an increased need for water due to the high proportion of nuts and vegetables. If – as assumed in the study – the meat consumed is completely replaced by fish, the effects on animal welfare are surprisingly negative: Since fish and seafood are much smaller than, for example, cows or pigs, significantly more animals suffer as a result of this diet.

The increased honey consumption, which requires intensive management of the bee colonies, also has a negative effect. “It would therefore be an advantage if you covered all of your protein needs less from animal sources,” emphasizes Neus Escobar. “In addition, many people now eat significantly too richly. If they reduce the amount of food they eat to what is really necessary, this can have additional positive effects.”