Recognize quality indicators of sleep and how to maintain sleep health, doctors say – Sleep is the best way to recharge our batteries after a day of activities while maintaining our physical and mental health. However, indicators of good sleep quality depend on the quantity when falling asleep.

This was done by an ENT Specialist of Department ENT-KL, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI) – RSCM, Dr. Rahmanofa Yunizaf, SpENT-KL, in webinar commemorate world sleep day or World Sleep Day 2022, Friday (25.3.2022).

“So sleep in general is divided into quantity with equal quality. The quantity is usually the duration of sleep, in adults it is 6 to 9 hours. But what’s no less important is sleep quality,” Rahmanofa said.

In addition, he explained that even if a person sleeps 6 to 9 hours and does not get a good night’s sleep, it is not good for the health of the body.

This means that sleep health is not only seen in terms of duration or quantity, but its quality is also important to consider.

The quality of a person’s sleep is mostly reflected in what happens when they sleep. For example, is there a time when he suddenly wakes up, chokes and other things affect sleep quality?

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A number of studies state that there are four indicators of good sleep quality to help maintain healthy sleep, including:

1. Sleep Latency

sleep latency or sleep latency is the amount of time it takes for a person to fall asleep. Sleep latency is an indicator of sleep quality. The longer it takes to fall asleep, the worse the quality of sleep becomes.

“For example, when we go to bed, how long does it really take us to fall asleep. Typically, less than 30 minutes is considered sufficient,” Rahmanofa said.

2. Sleep awakening

sleep wake up you suddenly wake up in your sleep. If you wake up only once or not at all in a night, the sleep quality is still considered sufficient. Conversely, if you wake up suddenly more than twice, it may indicate that you are not sleeping well enough.

3. Alertness

The next sign of good sleep can be seen from the indicators alertnessi.e. how long it takes for a person to fall back asleep after a sudden awakening.

Sleep quality indicators, in general, the maximum duration to fall asleep again within 20 minutes is considered normal, and if it is more than 30 minutes, it may reduce sleep quality, which may affect a person’s sleep health.

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Shutterstock Illustration of sleeping on your back.

4. Sleep Efficiency (SE)

sleep efficiency is the ratio of the time a person spends sleeping at night.

“So there have to be those components to improve sleep,” Rahmanofa said.

This is how you get healthy sleep

Rahmanofa explained that there are several ways to maintain healthy sleep, including lifestyle changes, getting enough exercise, avoiding smoking, and losing weight.

You also need to pay attention to the situation in the room to improve sleep quality, including sleeping in dim and dark rooms, and adjusting the atmosphere before bedtime to be more calm.

On the same occasion, the specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation FKUI – RSCM, Dr. dr Tirza Z Tamin, Sp.KFR (K), that the sleeping position must also be taken into account.

He suggested that the neck position be a little high to prevent sleep disturbances. Then avoid lying on your back without a pillow and sleep better on your side.

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In line with Rahmanofa, Tirza also said exercise can help improve sleep quality. He added that the time between sleep and exercise also needs to be adjusted.

Simply put, when you exercise in the morning, the energy released is needed to move because the body becomes fitter. So this time is good for maintaining sleep quality.

“But indeed, because in the morning there has to be stretching and so on, because we sleep late, our body is stiff, so there has to be aerobic techniques, 5-minute stretching or core exercises, then there’s cooling down,” explained Tirzah.

Then exercise in the afternoon should provide flexibility to be able to move. However, he found that nighttime exercise can prevent you from sleeping early due to a fit body condition. In the end, it can lead to lack of sleep or malaise.

“So it would be nice if we did some exercise (exercise) in the afternoon according to the frequency (frequency), intensity (intensity), time (time). Later there are other activities we can do then we will fall asleep,” he concluded.

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