Ranbir Kapoor smiles as Mahesh Babu calls him 'India's best actor'. View | Bollywood

At the Animal promotional event in Hyderabad on Monday night, guest Mahesh Babu heaped praise on the film's lead actor Ranbir Kapoor. Taking over the microphone, Mahesh called Ranbir the “best actor in India”. (Also read: Animal Advance Sales: Ranbir Kapoor Film Cashes 6.4 crore already, sold over 2 lakh Day 1 tickets in India)

Mahesh Babu mentioned that Ranbir Kapoor is India's best actor.

Mahesh, who was dressed casually in a blue t-shirt and jeans, said he was a big fan of Ranbir. “I told him once when I met him, but I don't think he took it seriously. I am a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor and in my opinion he is the best actor in India,” he said. Behind him, Ranbir was joined by the entire team of the film. Ranbir smiled and looked emotional at Mahesh Babu's words.

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When it was Ranbir's turn to speak, he said, “You were the first superstar Mahesh Babu I ever met. I remember I sent him a message after watching Okkadu and he replied and I can't thank you enough for your support sir.” He also chanted, “Jai Babu, Jai Babu.”

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Fans of the actors loved the moment together on stage. “Mahesh Babu’s words to Ranbir are the greatest honor ever given to a Bollywood star. So so proud,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “OMG! Being a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor is like being on cloud nine! He is undoubtedly the ultimate rockstar of Indian cinema. But hey, let's not forget the incredible talent of Superstar too! “These two legends have our hearts and conquered the screen,” wrote another.

At the event, Ranbir also touched filmmaker SS Rajamouli's feet while meeting him. The RRR director also declared Ranbir his favorite actor and confidently stated, “Without hesitation, I can tell you, my favorite actor is Ranbir Kapoor.” He also playfully asked him to choose between working with Sandeep Reddy Vanga and himself decide. Ranbir chose Vanga.

Animal is directed by Vanga and stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Rashmika Mandanna. Recently, during the promotional event in Chennai, Ranbir explained why Sandeep Reddy Vanga's next directorial is titled Animal.

Ranbir said, “When you see the film, you will understand.” Explaining the reason, he said, “I think the reason why Sandeep Reddy Vanga named this film 'Animal' is because animals behave instinctively out of instinct to protect his family. He doesn't think he behaves on instinct, he's impulsive, and I think that's where the title Animal came from, and once you see the film you realize that this film fits that title.”

Recently, Team Animal unveiled the official trailer of the film, which received great response from fans. The 3 minutes and 32 seconds long trailer suggested that Ranbir's character had become wild due to his abusive upbringing at a young age.

Ranbir's character is protective and obsessed with his father's love. He is seen threatening anyone who stands in the way of his love for his father. According to reports, the film has a duration of 3 hours and 21 minutes. Animal is scheduled to hit theaters on December 1 and will be released in five languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.