‘Queen of Asia’ The largest blue sapphire in the world, weighing 310 kilograms and priced at IDR 1.44 trillion

Ratnapura, Gatra.com- A 683 pound (310 kilograms) sapphire dubbed the “Queen of Asia” will be auctioned. The sapphire was found in a mine in Ratnapura, known as Sri Lanka’s “City of Jewels”. Local gem authorities estimate it could be worth around $ 100 million. insider, 14/12.

A massive 683 pound gemstone believed to be one of the largest ever found is going to be auctioned.

Dubbed the “Queen of Asia”, workers found the jewel in a quarry in the southern city of Ratnapura, known as Sri Lanka’s “Jewel City”.

The stone was displayed on Sunday in a flower bed in the home of the owner of the Gem Hole near Colombo, where the gem was blessed, so CNN.

Talks with business news Sri Lankan Economy Next, Thilak Weerasinghe, chairman of the Sri Lankan Jewelery and Jewelery Authority, said the gem is likely the largest single stone ever found in Sri Lanka. This is different from “Serendipity Sapphire”, a group of 1,124 pound sapphires unearthed in a gem dealer’s backyard for just one stone in July.

“This is not an aggregate. It is a single rock. As far as we know, it could be the largest corundum in the world,” said Weerasinghe.

“If we split it up, we might find clearer areas inside, like jackfruit seeds,” Weerasinghe said, commenting on the opaque, blue surface of the gem. “But we need to investigate further.”

Chamila Suranga, representative of the Ratnapura Gemological Institute, the current owner of the gem, said Economy continues that the organization appeals to potential buyers, including “Museums and High Quality Individuals in the Middle East”.

Shanka Ruwanditha, the organization’s director, told the AP that gemstone owners would try to thoroughly evaluate the gemstone before selling it.

Forbes It is estimated that “Queen of Asia” could fill about 1,549,016 single carat engagement rings if indicated. Separately gave Suranga Forbes estimates the gemstone could be valued at $ 100 million (rupees 1.44 trillion), although no official international certification or rating has been issued for the gemstone.

Sri Lanka is famous for its gemstone finds. Other large sapphires found in the country are “Blue Beauty of Asia “, a 392-carat sapphire that sold for $ 17.5 million (rupees 252 billion) in 2014. Others are “Star of india,“A 563-carat star sapphire on display in the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

A Sri Lankan jewelry organization said BBC In 2011, the 12-carat sapphire in Kate Middleton’s ring likely came from a mine in Sri Lanka.