Protest against the insult to the Prophet Mohammed, today thousands of Muslims will protest in front of the Indian embassy


Thousands of Muslims are said to storm the Indian Embassy on Jalan HR Rasuna Said in South Jakarta to stage a demonstration. Photo/Illustration/SINDOnews

JAKARTA – Thousands of Muslims are expected to storm the Indian Embassy at Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta today. Thousands of Muslims will hold a demonstration titled “Defend the Prophet Muhammad SAW” in front of the Indian Embassy.

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Thousands of Muslims are members of a number of organizations. These include the Islamic Brotherhood Front (FPI); Alumni Fraternity (PA) 212; and the National Movement to Guard the Fatwa (GNPF) of Ulama. They will hold their action in front of the Indian Embassy after Friday prayers.

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“Three to four thousand maybe (present). Elements of Muslims. GNPF, PA 212, FPI, etc.,” said DPP FPI Chairman Aziz Yanuar when confirmed on Friday (6/17/2022).

Aziz explained that one of the demands made in today’s action is to expel the Indian ambassador to leave Indonesia. Aziz hopes that representatives of the mass action will be able to meet directly with the Indian embassy tomorrow.

“Push out the Indian ambassador. Do you want the audience to be the same as in the embassy,” he said.

The Defend the Prophet Muhammad SAW action, which will take place today, comes as a result of a statement by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Nupur Sharma, who is believed to have insulted Muslims. Where Nupur had time to comment on Prophet Muhammad’s private life in a televised debate.

Sharma’s comments were seen as insulting to Muslims. Indeed, a wave of criticism has erupted against Sharma’s statement from Muslim-majority countries, including Indonesia.

In response to this controversy, Sharma has raised his voice that his comments regarding Prophet Muhammad were made in response to the “mockery and disrespect” that continues to be expressed in debates towards Hindu gods. He also said he retracted his comments.


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