Product Description Indian Military New Strength Mormugao Destroyer

The Indian Navy carried out sea tests with the destroyer Mormugao on the day of the liberation of Goa. The destroyer Mormugao incorporates some of the niche technologies built at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (MDSL) as part of the destroyer P15b. Photo: Twitter

The destroyer Mormugao is 163 meters long and 17.4 meters wide and weighs 7,300 tons. The ship is equipped with four gas turbine engines, which allows it to travel at a speed of 30 knots. Photo: Twitter

The destroyer Mormugao can monitor the sea area of ​​75,000 square kilometers. This ship is equipped with stealth technology capable of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. The ship is equipped with a multifunctional hazard warning radar “MF-Radar” made in Israel. Photo: Twitter

The destroyer Mormugao is considered to be the most powerful warship in India, equipped with missiles such as the Brahmos and the Barak-8. It is also armed with a 127mm cannon as well as an AK-630 missile defense system with two RBEU-6000 anti-submarine missile launchers. Photo: Twitter

The Mormugao destroyer is expected to enter service in mid-2022 and will expand the capabilities of the Indian Navy, which previously had Ins Visakhapatnam and Scorpene Ins Commissioning Class Stealth. Photo: Twitter