Preventing spread of mouth and nail diseases, government urged to limit livestock mobility reporter Seno Tri Sulistiyono

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The government is urged to take immediate preventive measures to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in livestock.

Commission IV member DPR Slamet said the Ministry of Agriculture must immediately coordinate with local governments to restrict the movement of farm animals known to be infected with the virus.

According to him, local governments have sufficient equipment at the level or level of small farmers, so they must be involved in preventing the spread of this PMK virus.

“Get the right education for our breeders and prepare vaccines for the long term,” Slamet said on Wednesday (5/25/2022).

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Slamet explained that in theory eradication or annihilation must be carried out to overcome PMC, so the state must be present and show preference towards the smallholders.

“The government needs to compensate small farmers or look for systems that can reduce the burden on our small people,” he said.

He also deplored the government’s policy of changing the origin of imports from country-based to zone-based, where this is permitted for zones that have been declared safe but have not been declared safe as a whole in that one country.

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“As far as I know, Malaysia, India, China and Brazil are countries that are not yet PMK-free. While imported faucets from this country, India is quite large. Add to that the lack of quarantine and surveillance in the field, so if there’s a PMK outbreak today, it’s fitting,” he said.

Slamet also saw that the government was too relaxed about the PMK outbreak, so it is now increasing.

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