PPP calls for racism against Indian Muslims

PPP leader DPP supports Muskaan Khan’s staunch defense of rights

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — PPP DPP head Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal supports Muskaan Khan’s steadfast defense of his rights and education amid Hindu racism against Indian Muslims.

“For us, Muskaan Khan is the face of the resistance who opposes racist acts against him and other Muslims amid a ban on wearing the hijab and we must support that,” Illiza said in a obtained press release. Republika, co.id via a short message service that he sent on Monday (February 14, 2022).

Illiza regretted the incident and strongly condemned it. Therefore, he urged the Indian government to pay attention to the incident as it has become an international concern.

“The issue of racism against Muslims in India is not the first, but it has happened many times. Discrimination against Muslims occurs not only in the world of education, but also in various areas, including work and health,” he explained.

He continued that acts of racism in the name of religion are unreasonable and unjustifiable. In his opinion, Muslims, especially Muslim students in India, have the right to get their rights and defend their faith.

A student from India, Muskaan Khan, is known to have been in the media spotlight for his action against his school’s policy of banning the wearing of hijab in schools. The action was widely shared on social media.

The problem began when students at a pre-university, high school-equivalent campus in Udupi District, Karnataka, did not allow their students to wear the hijab in class. This led to protests that the problem was widespread.

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