PIIB Tax Education Seminar, Head of DPC Hipmi Yakut: All entrepreneurs must obey taxes

JAKARTA – United Indonesia Entrepreneurs (PIIB) held an inter-organizational tax education seminar on Thursday (6.2.2022) at the Sunlake Hotel, Sunter, North Jakarta (Yakut) on the theme “Entrepreneurs Obey Taxes”.

“This event aims to provide entrepreneurs across Indonesia with cross-organizational tax education (Voluntary Disclosure Program) to help them remain tax compliant,” said Dr. Michael Spica Rampangeili as Chairman of North Jakarta Hipmi DPC.

This event was hosted by BPP Hipmi Secretary General Bagas Adhadhirga and Head of North Jakarta Regional Office Prof. DR. Edi Slamet Irianto, SH, M.Sc.

The inter-organizational tax training event initiated by United India Indonesia Entrepreneurs (PIIB), North Jakarta Hipmi BPC and North Jakarta Regional Tax Office Head was also attended by high-level Hipmi Jaya organizations that promote the PIIB program with the slogan “Tax-Obedient Entrepreneurs”.

At the same time, the initiator and general chairman of the United Indonesia International Entrepreneurs Organization (PIIB), Kash Topan, stated that he and the top echelons of the organization are preparing cooperation programs in various fields, including international business.

According to Kash Topan, PIIB will present a program for digital organizations, namely the digitization movement of community organizations, covering various areas such as education and transnational forums.

For information: Kash Topan is a 26-year-old young businessman who was born in Indonesia of Indian descent. He started with a background in the health clinic business and has now grown into a business octopus in Indonesia.

Business Octopus who backed Kash Typhoon’s wealth in the form of a health clinic business, cargo shipping, mining and also textiles as his first business.

Kash is also known as the founder of the global creative media company Mediatama (GKM), which caters to Indonesian millennials. The Global Group, led by Kash, is now establishing an investment-based company that will secure the investment value of the Indonesian people.

My mother clinic’s CEO, Sultan Sapta, added that entrepreneurs need to obey taxes and understand taxes. “We don’t want young entrepreneurs to get confused about how to report their taxes. Therefore, together with entrepreneurs from United Indonesia Indonesia, we participate in education about taxes, especially about rules and regulations,” he said. ***

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