Photos: Countries around the world celebrate International Workers’ Day | Business news

Demonstrators around the world took to the streets on Sunday to celebrate workers and urge for improved labor rights.

Tens of thousands have marked May Day – International Workers’ Day – with rallies in South Korea, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Serbia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Greece, France and Cyprus, among others.

Citizens and unions in cities across Europe took to the streets in demonstrations with messages of protest to their governments, particularly in France, where the holiday honoring workers was used as a rallying cry against newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron.

Turkish riot police arrested dozens of protesters trying to reach Istanbul’s main Taksim square for May Day demonstrations against the economic hardship caused by raging inflation.

Few people strolled the pedestrian streets in central Beijing’s historic Qianmen district, which is usually a bustling area with tourists on a national holiday and a sunny spring day.

Many Chinese celebrated a quiet May Day this year as the government’s “zero-COVID” approach restricts travel and enforces lockdowns in several cities. Millions remain confined to their buildings or properties in Shanghai, China’s largest city, while the lockdown has been eased only slightly.

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