Penn State Harrisburg announces the start of school in the fall of 2021

School of Public Affairs: Guy Suter (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Bachelor of Science in Public Policy

As a student with undiagnosed dyslexia, Suter’s academic path has gone through significant ups and downs since kindergarten. He began his academic career in higher education at the University of Shippensburg. While working full time, Suter moved to Penn State Harrisburg in 2001 for a degree in public policy. At the time he was a founding member of both the Republican and Democratic student clubs and president of the pre-law club. Twenty years after starting out, Guy recently returned to Penn State Harrisburg to graduate with Magna Cum Laude. Although it wasn’t necessary for his career, he did it for his mother to set a positive example for his children and to prove to himself that he could.

Suter has founded and managed technology companies for more than 20 years. Today he is CEO of AMPLL Inc., an early stage startup developing a health app for work. He is also the co-founder of Cahoots in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a technology center dedicated to helping Michigan’s startup ecosystem thrive. Suter has had the entire entrepreneurial journey from building products on apartment floors to takeovers in Silicon Valley to IPOs and VC-supported failures.

Outside of work, Suter serves on the Education Committee of the Autism Alliance of Michigan and as a member of MiPAAC (MiPAAC, Michigan Parents, Advocate, Attorney Coalition). He’s also part of a grassroots team advocating the passage of new laws in Michigan aimed at providing better screening and educational support to students with dyslexia, like his two children.

He is accompanied at the ceremony by Carol R. Nechemias, Emeritus Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Order