Only in India does traffic stop to let an elephant pass

We certainly don’t have the same problems here and in India. It’s a breeze, but it’s always fun to see how big the gap is.

When motorists in the French countryside can be disturbed by wild boars or deer in the middle of the night, it’s a little different in India.

The term is a little wrongly chosen … No, let’s say the concerns are not the same. And for good reason, filmed on the side in this video Mudumalai, en Inde, it is an elephant that disturbs the circulation.

Yes, you read that right, an elephant. The animal runs around calmly when crossing a street. The beast is in no hurry, takes its time and, above all, does not take the lead.

The scene is pretty surreal, however it took courage to get past him. One load and that’s it.

Don’t be wrong …

The author of the video had to carefully choose when to restart. Yes, it was important not to rush and frighten the animal. The slightest panic can be fatal.

But everything is going well. The driver takes his time and slowly walks past this imposing elegance. A really unusual meeting.

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