Omicron variant: if you have contact, you need to isolate yourself for 17 days

In view of the risk of infection with the Omicron variant, the duration of the isolation for contact cases has been extended since December 13th.

7 to 17 days of isolation for Omicron contact cases

In order to, If you come into contact with someone who is infected with Omicron and who you live with, you will need to isolate yourself for 17 dayswhether you are vaccinated or not. However, if it is not someone living in your household, this period is only 7 days.

The health insurance company stipulates: “If you carry out an antigen test and it is positive, you must carry out a confirmatory RT-PCR test, which enables the detection of a variant, and you must inform your own contact person about the risk taken” so that they can contact you immediately can test and reinforce their barrier gestures. “

At the end of the isolation, you will need to be retested to make sure you are not infected. If the person in your household finally infected you during the isolation, you must repeat the isolation for 10 days after your positive test.