Omicron variant found in RI, Ma’ruf Amin: do not enter the region

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said Indonesia needs to be careful to anticipate the spread of the variant of Covid-19 omicron found in the country. This new variant was first spotted when it infected three officers in Wisma Atlet, Jakarta, after it was executed Genome sequencing.

“If this is just one (case) then all local governments need to prepare for prevention. Don’t let it get to the regions, “Ma’ruf said in a voice recording distributed by the Vice-President’s secretarial team on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Ma’ruf warned the spike in Covid-19 cases, which caused the emergence of a second wave of pandemics such as the Delta variant, would not repeat itself. He said the government continues to promote achievement vaccination Covid-19 to achieve communal immunity.

According to Ma’ruf, the government has issued warnings since the Omicron variant was discovered in various countries. “Don’t be like the regions, other countries, Europe, even India and Singapore,” he said.

The government, Ma’ruf said, has closed international doors to prevent variants from entering the country Omicron From the beginning. This move reflects the arrival of the Delta variant in Indonesia last July.

“We didn’t expect the delta, so we admitted it,” said Ma’ruf Amin.

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